IOC Parallel Ore Delivery System

IOC Parallel Ore Delivery System - Labrador City, Newfoundland

      In May of 2010, as part of the IOC's expansion program, Construction Kiewit Cie, a subsidiary of Kiewit Corporation, was awarded the contract to provide concrete construction and roadway services for Iron Ore Company's Labrador Mine new Parallel Ore Delivery System (PODS).Kiewit is responsible for the construction of numerous concrete foundations such as for the conveyor foundations (bents), the new crusher foundation, for the ore barn conveyor structural steel support towers. These towers require the sinking of complex micro-piles 60' to 90' deep (40' in rock).

      The scope of work consist of the partial dismantling and removal of the existing Mill No. 9 foundation, fan foundation, footings, lube room block wall, slab on grade and the installation of new concrete in the grinding building at the IOC Carol Concentrator. The existing Mill No. 9 foundation will be modified to be used as the foundation for the new Autogenous Mill AG 14. The existing fan foundation will also be modified to become part of the new screen feed pumps foundations and the rheostat room. Some column footings will be dismantled or partially dismantled to accommodate new equipments. The existing slab on grade around these foundations will be dismantled as well as the existing block wall on the east side of the lube room.In addition to this, Kiewit is also responsible for the PODS 6 km road construction including clearing and grubbing, overburden removal, excavation, rock blasting, crushing, screening, hauling and placing of fill materials to obtain grading requirements. The road goes through the City of Labrador's water source / watershed where Kiewit has taken multiple measures to prevent potential hazards.

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